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Super City Heroines
Episode 2 Super City Shambles

A collaborative effort by Dangerguy
and L’Espion

Chapter 1 The Little Curia-osity Shop


“Did not!”




“Super liar!”




“Poxy whore!”

“Syphilis cu…,”

“Now what’s the problem?”

Judy Williams, also known as Ocelot, looked up at the speaker, her bright blue eyes wide with annoyance.  “Jeez, Snow, you scared the shit out of me.  I thought you were Blackie.”

“She does sound like her, doesn’t she?” Molly Spark, also known as Lynx said.  “Little miss brown-noser is turning into Black Leopard lite.”

“Just because I do my job on occasion doesn’t mean I am a brown-noser,” Koh Lìxúe, also known as Snow, replied.  “May I inquire as to what you two were arguing about?”

Lynx frowned.  She really didn’t like Snow treating her and Ocelot as if they were children, especially since she was a good three years older than the white-blonde Pussy.  But there was something a little intimidating about her.  Perhaps it was the fact that she stood six-foot-two and her shining white hair and oriental features gave her a somewhat menacing look.  Or perhaps it was her genius level IQ, but somehow Snow’s presence always seemed to push that of the other Pussies into the background, and so she gave a grudging answer.  “Ocelot cheated at Sorry.”

“Sorry?” Snow asked.

“No need to apologize,” Ocelot suddenly interjected.  

“Oh that’s witty, Miss cleverpants,” Lynx snarled.  “Especially for a cheater.”

“I don’t cheat,” Ocelot protested.  

“Yes she does,” Lynx said.  “She moves her pawn backwards.”

“That’s in the rules numb tits,” Ocelot sneered.

“No it isn’t, udder chest.  You’re a fu…,”

“Wait,” Snow interrupted.  “If that is the game stolen from Parcheesi, then Ocelot is right.  You can move backwards.”

“Cheesy?” Lynx asked.  “What’s cheese got to do with it?”

“I didn’t mean cheese,” Snow replied.  “I meant….  What the hell?  Why am I bothering to explain anything to a nitwit like you?”

“No reason to be fucking rude,” Lynx spat.  “What the fuck do you want anyway?”

“Oh,” Snow said, “I almost forgot.  I was going to show you this.”  She held up a flat disk from which projected four propellers.  

“What?” Ocelot said, “You invented a drone?  I think it’s already been done.”

“Well, yes,” Snow admitted.  “But not just any type of drone.  This is my newest WHD.”

“WHD?” Ocelot and Lynx said together.  “What’s a WHD?”

“Weapon of Heroine Destruction,” Snow said proudly.  “I invented the name myself.”

“Oh really?” Ocelot said archly.  “And exactly how does it work?  Do you fly it into a heroine.”

“No,” Snow replied it flies itself.  “It finds a heroine and then targets her with a laser range finder and lets go.”

“Lets go with what?” Lynx asked.  She got up from the game and seemed actually interested.

“With these,” Snow answered holding up a small marble-sized sphere.  “I call this a SeDeHeDis.  Or maybe a SDHD.  Whatever you think sounds better.”

And what exactly is a Sede-watsit?” Lynx asked.

“A Self-Deploying Heroine Discombobulator,” Snow said proudly.  The WHD homes in on the heroine and then shoots the SDHD at her.  If it makes contact it sends a powerful jolt of electricity through the heroine, knocking her out.”

“How powerful?” Lynx asked slyly.  “Can I try it on Ocelot?’

“Hey, you bitch, Ocelot yelled, getting to her feet.  “That’s not funny.”

“No you can’t,” Snow replied.  “It only works on heroines.  It homes in on their aura of smugness.”

“Well then, let’s give it a try,” Lynx said.  

“Okay,” Snow said with a big grin.  “I’ll go tell Black Leopard.”

“Oh no, don’t so that,” Ocelot said hurriedly.  “Let’s surprise her.  You know how much Blackie like surprises.”

Actually Snow hadn’t noticed that, but Ocelot and Lynx were already urging her toward the door.  “But what about Tiger, Wildcat, and Cheetah?” she asked.

“They’re busy,” Ocelot said.  “Blackie has them out vandalizing statues of superheroines.  Anyway, we don’t need them.  The three of us are more than enough.”

Ninety minutes later
“Oooff!” Ocelot grunted as she was hurled twenty feet high in the air and slammed hard into an all-too solid brick wall.  The air was knocked out of her lungs and she went completely limp as she came crashing down.  Fortunately, her fall was softened as she dropped into an open dumpster.

“You big-titted bitch,” Lynx screamed as she hurled herself toward their assailant, claws extended.  But she had no more luck than Ocelot, as the heroine, with contemptuous ease, dodged her attack, caught her by her collar, whirled her dizzyingly over her head and tossed her on top of her comrade.

Curia, also known as Wonder Woman, surveyed the fallen Pussies.  She’d caught them clumsily trying to break into the back of a party supply shop of all places.  Apparently neither of the costumed idiots had heard of burglar alarms.  She’d never actually encountered either of them before, but she had a vague idea of who they were.  “You’re part of the Black Leopard’s gang aren’t you?” she asked.  “What are you doing in this part of town?  Isn’t it a little far from home?”

Curia wasn’t completely familiar with the Black Leopard’s operations.  Her secret HQ was somewhere in a section of the city normally patrolled by Duster and Gold Fever.  It appeared, however, that the feline villainess might be expanding her operations.

“I ain’t talking to you,” Lynx replied defiantly, brushing a half-empty container of chow mein off her head.  “You’ll have to torture it out of me.”

“Why do I think you might actually enjoy that?” Curia replied.  “But I don’t need to use torture, there is another way.”  She reached down and unhooked her lasso of truth from her belt.  

By this time Ocelot had recovered.  Raising her head over the edge of the dumpster she regarded Curia with unbridled hatred.  “I’m gonna get you for that, bitch.  I’m going to ream that shapely ass.”

“Hera, what foul language,” Curia replied.  She shook out a loop of her lasso.

“Oh boy, bondage,” Lynx said gleefully, clapping her hands together.  “I’d heard you Amazons were into that.”

“That’s enough of…,”  Out of the corner of her eye Curia caught a glimpse of a figure in white.  She turned quickly and found herself facing still another Pussy, this one a tall, white-blonde, dressed like the other two in some sort of cat-themed outfit.  She was standing in the door of the shop that the other two Pussies had supposedly been trying to break into and was holding some sort of gadget in her hands.

“So there are three of you,” Curia said.  She already had her lasso ready.  Might as well put it to use.  She flicked it toward the white-haired Pussy just as the object in her hands rose into the air.

There was a humming sound as the object hovered some three yards above the pavement and then a small Phhtt! as several objects were suddenly hurled out of it.  Instinctively Curia’s arms came up as a number of marble sized projectiles shot toward her.  Bracelets and bullets, she thought.  This is going to be a snap.

Her arms moving too quickly for the eye to follow, Curia brought up her bracelets.  They caught the first few projectiles with ease, but she didn’t get the result she expected.  There was a loud Pang! and a shower of sparks as the first of the objects struck her left bracelet and suddenly Curia felt as if she had been kicked by the proverbial mule.  An electrical jolt of such intensity that she almost broke her teeth surged through her body.  She was hurled off her feet, landing with a thump on her shapely backside.  As she sat dazed for a half-second a quick thought ran through her mind.  This wasn’t a robbery, it was an ambush!  Then several more of the projectiles slammed into her, each delivering an identical jolt.  Her eyes rolled back up into her head and she slumped backward.  

“See I knew it would work,” Snow said excitedly, jumping up and down and clapping her hands.

“Enough bouncing, you little tit,” Lynx growled.  “Help me out of here.”

“Ooh, you stink,” Snow exclaimed as she helped pull both Lynx and Ocelot out of the dumpster.  

“Yeah, no thanks to you,” Ocelot grumbled.  “What took you so long?”

“I was hiding in the back of the shop as planned,” Snow replied.  “Do you know that there is some really neat party stuff in there?”

“Screw the party stuff,” Ocelot replied, striding over to the unconscious Amazon.  “We’ve got this bitch.  How do we keep her captured?”

“Why don’t we use her lasso?” Snow suggested.  “I understand it’s magical and no one can escape it.”

“Magical huh?” Lynx said as she picked up the lasso.  “Sounds like a good idea to me.  Help me tie her up and then we’ll get her out of here.”

“Ooh,” Snow repeated.  “The Black Leopard is going to be so pleased.”

“Yeah, right,” Ocelot said sourly.  “But before Blackie sees her I think we should have a little fun with her first.”

“Sounds good to me,” Lynx replied.  “Now let’s get her out of here.”

“Ohhh!  Ohhh!”  Curia opened her eyes slowly.  She had a pounding headache and it took her a few seconds to realize that the moans were coming from her.  At first her vision was blurred but gradually her eyes cleared and she found herself looking into the malicious gaze of the blonde Pussy wearing the gold cat-themed costume she’d seen before.  Out of the corner of her eye she could also see the red-haired Pussy.  

“Oh, you’re finally awake,” the blonde Pussy said.  “You’ve been out for hours.  I thought you supers were supposed to be tough.”

“I  did hit her with a full volley,” came a voice from behind her.  Curia supposed it was the white-haired Pussy.  “That’s twenty SDHD’s.  That would have killed a normal person.”

“Hmmphh!” the blonde replied.  “I don’t really care.  I’m going to have fun with this heroine bitch.”

It was about that time, that Curia realized three things.  One, she couldn’t talk because someone had strapped a large red ball gag into her mouth; and two, someone had stripped off ninety percent of her costume, leaving just her boots and tiara; and three, she was tied up with her own golden lasso, her arms firmly lashed behind her back so that she could barely move a muscle,

She tried anyway, attempting to get to her feet, but the blonde Pussy easily pushed her back down.  “Struggle all you like, bitch.  That is going to make this all the more fun.”

Curia suddenly realized a forth fact.  The blonde Pussy was wearing an enormous, ribbed, strap-on dildo.  One of the largest Curia had ever seen.  As her eyes widened in fear, the blonde grinned.  “Oh yeah,” she said, “this is going to hurt a lot.”  She grabbed both of Curia’s ankles and forced apart the legs of the struggling heroine.  

“Mmmph!” Curia protested.  “Mmmph!  Mmmph!  Mmmph!”  Then she screamed into the gag as the blonde Pussy thrust forward.

The blonde’s boast that it was going to “hurt a lot” was a complete understatement.  Curia felt as if she was a victim of an Assyrian impalement as the oversized dildo was forced into her.  She heaved her magnificent body, but only succeeded in further amusing her captors.  

“Look at her tits quiver,” the redheaded Pussy commented.  She stuck out a claw, and pierced Curia’s left nipple, and then bent her head and sucked hard.  “These babies are delicious,” she said.  “I could suck on them all day.”  She bit down, causing Curia even further anguish even as the blonde tried to force herself all the way into the panting, squealing heroine.  

“Jeez, she’s tight,” the blonde panted.  “How do these heroines stay so virginal?  You think the number of times they’d been fucked they’d be as loose as a flat tire.”  She redoubled her efforts, sinking her claws into Curia’s flanks while at the same time the redhead continued to lick, suck, and squeeze Curia’s breasts.

“You know,” as voice from behind Curia said.  “I think she’s becoming aroused.”

“How the hell would you know, you goody-two-shoes virgin?” the redhead snapped.  “You’ve never had anything bigger than your finger in your little clam.”

“I made a study of it.” the white-haired Pussy replied.  “Look at her nipples; they’re as hard as thimbles and her breasts are completely engorged.  Note the red flush on her neck and chest and her heavy breathing.”

“You know, I think she’s right,” Lynx agreed.  “The heroine slut is getting off on being raped.”

Curia could not have been more ashamed.  As painful and humiliating as the ordeal at the hands of the two Pussies was, she had been unable to prevent her body from responding.  She gasped as an orgasm slowly began to build within her.  She tried to fight it but it built like water rising behind a dam until: “UUUhhnn!”  Her loins contracted in a climax so powerful that for a second everything blacked out, and then….

“What the hell is going on here?”  The voice was pitched low, but it was the most menacing sound Curia had ever heard.  As she recovered from her involuntary orgasm she turned her head to see a petit figure dressed in black.  As she watched the figure flexed her fingers, extending ten razor-edged claws.

“Blackie!” exclaimed the redhead, her mouth open in surprise and not a little fear.

“Oops,” the blonde said.  Suddenly the invasive dildo was jerked out.

From behind her the voice of the third Pussy rose in greeting.  “Hi, Blackie.  We were just tenderizing Wonder Woman for you.  I hope you like the surprise.”
Super City Heroines - Episode 2 Super City Shambles - Chapter 1 The Little Curia-osity Shop

The first chapter of a cooperative story by DangerGuy, HoorayforSloth, and L'Espion
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Rob66 Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2017
Trying to decide which line I like best -- Assyrian Impalement or Aura of Smugness  lol

Great beginning and wasted no time in getting to the good stuff which means there's lots of great stuff to follow if I know how the three of you write when collaborating!!!
Lespion1944 Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2017
Thanks.  The aura of smugness seems to have struck a cord (or perhaps a nerve) with some of the readers. 
bob-warden Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2017
Very interesting beginning! The banter between the Pussies was fun, and the smut scene, although short, was really intense! Looks like Curia is in for a very long night! By the way, aura of smugness? I'm pretty sure the bad girls have plenty of that, as well!
Cracoviia Featured By Owner Edited Mar 11, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Great start, this is going to be fun :D I love reading the Pussies arguing with each other, and Snow's clever interventions. Allowing themselves to be beaten up by Curia so Snow could zap her was definitely a good idea, probably the best thing they could do.

And I also liked the aura of smugness :D

Enjoyed that, even though the stronger sex scenes aren't really my thing there is lots of comedy and action to enjoy here, looking forward to continuation :)
RenderPretender Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
LOL!!!  ... woke up early, reading this in bed, laughed so hard at "aura of smugness" I woke my wife up.

Got an elbow to the chest but it was worth it. 

Great start!  Loving it. 
Curia-DD Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
An aura of smugness, is that so? ;)

Great opening chapter, really enjoyed the dialogue, and thank you for featuring Curia!!
Dangerguy01 Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm up next! Strong opener. I'll have to see what I can come up with...
RenderPretender Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Still waiting...
Dangerguy01 Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I think Slothie and I got mixed up about who was going next. I'll check with him...
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